Guest rooms Each of our 49 guest rooms feature balconies with stunning ocean views. Our spacious Japanese-Western style room (43 ㎡) are suitable for all types of groups or families.

Western style rooms are also available. You can choose the room type you prefer.

Restaurant We serve great dishes with various farm fresh vegetables grown in the rich soil and full sun of Yanbaru, Okinawa. We hope you enjoy a wide selection of healthy cuisine that is rich in nutrients for your energetic life.
Public bath Enjoy a relaxing experience day in the “Coral Bath” which contains rich minerals.
Hours of operation : ① 6:00 am - 11:00 am ② 2:00 pm - midnight
Motobu Genki Mura Motobu Genki Mura in Yanbaru, Okinawa welcomes you in the heart of the rich natural and cultural environment. This facility provides satisfying programs based on themes such as marine life, nature, and traditional culture for the enjoyment, and enrichment of visitors through the experience of using the five senses.

Access From Naha airport

Traveling by car
Travel time: approximately 120 minutes
Follow Naha airport expressway from Tomigusuku/Nakachi Interchange and then switch to the Okinawa Expressway.
Exit at Kyoda Interchange. From there, it is approximately 40 minutes.
Traveling by taxi
Travel time: approximately 120 minutes
Fare: From Naha airport approximately 15,000 JPY (including highway tolls)
Traveling by express bus

From Naha airport Domestic Terminal 1F Take the bus No. 111 bound for Nago Bus Terminal (fare: 2,190 JPY).
Transfer at Nago Bus Terminal to the bus No. 65 Motobu Peninsula Line Toguchi route (fare 860 JPY)
or to the bus No. 70 Bise Line via Izumi (fare: 800 JPY).
Get off at “Kakinouchi Iriguchi” bus stop. From there approximately 5 minutes’ walk.
*Bus services from Nago Bus Terminal are not so frequent, it is recommended to check bus schedules in advance or travel by taxi.
*By taxi: approximately 30 minutes from Nago Bus Terminal (fare: approximately 3,000 JPY)

Traveling by Yanbaru Express Bus Travel time: approximately 120 minutes
Get on the bus at “Naha airport Domestic Terminal.” Get off at “Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa” bus stop (fare: 1,950 JPY). From there approximately 15 minutes’ walk * Yanbaru Express Bus HP→
* Taxi and bus fares might be changed without advance notice. For more information, please contact the taxi and bus companies directly.